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Everything began a long time ago in 1958 when the once called S. Faustino Liqueurs in Nembro in the Bergamo province was founded by the Bergamelli’s family.  They were liqueurs and distillates producers, and among their products there was the Amaro Presolana, their iconic product which became very famous. One evening in the 1960s Mr. Bergamelli, while working away, he received a call from his wife as he hadn’t returned home and she wanted to remind him of the birthday dinner - FOR HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW-

He did not have any present, the work took up all of his day… he began to close the workshop and return home but he had stuck in the back of his mind the missing present, until he had an idea: ‘’ I could take Doctor Bencetti's Infuse X,  bottle it and write on the label ‘’ Best wishes Mother-in-Law’’  and so he did. What you need to know is that Doctor Bencetti was a famous pharmacist in Maslianico in the Como Area with a passion for liquors to the point that he created many recipes for the friends of the Bergamelli’s. This Infuse X was still experimental and needed to be smoothed out.

The peculiarity of this infusion was his alcohol level, as to better extract substances from the herbs and berries that compose it, it had 75 degrees of alcohol content. Bergamelli was well aware of this and was already prepared to claim he made a mistake and had chosen the wrong product…. The essence, soul and meanness of a typical Mother-in-Law inspired 60 years ago the creation of this product. Unique and uncopyable created as a joke and given to amuse her, although she wasn’t aware of its 75 degrees. Joke or attempted murder? We will never know. Fact is, that she spread the word to her neighbourhood friends that she had escaped this danger. Generating an unexpected success!

The brand and the recipe were acquired by Drink Italia of Caldogno in the Vicenza province with the agreement that the production and bottling would be carried out by Zanin of Zugliano  in the same province. A historic distillery since 1895 which now still holds the recipe. Subsequently and to be exact in 2004, Zanin 1895 definitively acquired the brand and the rights to the liqueur Mother-in-law’s milk from Drink Italia and since then have continued  to produce it. Unique and incomparable, recognized as "Devilishly Vigorous"over the years it has been linked to multiple anecdotes and narratives that are unlikely to be forgotten ... but not all mothers-in-law are "wicked"; for this reason, the Lady version has recently been created, with an alcohol content dedicated to the ‘’ Sweetest mothers-in-law ". For a few years now, this timeless product has been dressed up again with its glass bottle painted and screen-printed with care. Features that make it even more attractive and unmistakable in both versions: 70° Original Mother-in-law’s milk and 30 ° Mother-in-law’s milk Lady.

The product name was still missing, he had to recall the act of his busy body and obnoxious mother-in-law but who in the end also knew how to be polite and after all, she was still his mother-in-law…. . The appropriate name was founded. So after having marketed the product, the success obtained in the first two years convinced the Bergamelli family in 1962 to register for the first time the brand of Latte di Suocera which means The Mother-in-Law’s Milk. The years passed, the success continued but in 1986 the Bergamelli Family, not having any heirs, decided to hand over the activity.

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